OmniSol: UtanoX
OmniSol: UtanoX

    Welcome to the UtanoX platform, your one-stop answer to your information technology needs in healthcare.

    The platform was built for medical practices' staff - billing, clinical and executives. You can manage your patient records here, as well as getting general information about the healthcare fraternity across the globe.

    Medical billing: Glossary

    ICD10 codes lookup

    What is ICD10? Why is it important? Which countries have implemented to what degree?What challenges are faced without it? Myths behind ICD10? 'Advantages' of not codifying?

    Practice management: Myths behind informal management? Challenges? Stats.

    Digitalization Survey(use our field survey template)

    Request a presentation

    Software Registration for Vendors (use oneplatform concept), visitors can review and comment upon

    Tariff inspection: look at all codes, add/comment on the entries

    Multi-language site

    Electronic Claims Processing Resource Site

    Claims Switching Resource Site (comparison with EDI)



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